About Heinen Physical Therapy, PC

While we initially place emphasis on manual therapy for symptom management, we strive to educate our patients on modification of their pathological activities of daily living and the implementation of a progressive Home Exercise Plan, to not only manage symptoms, but also, treat the underlying structural dysfunction. We believe in quality over quantity and limit our caseload to 8 patients a day.

 We are a husband and wife team offering private, one-on-one treatments in the northwest OKC area. Brice and Lauren Heinen both received their Doctor of Physical Therapy, with honors, from the University of Miami, Florida, one of the Top-Ten physical therapy schools in the nation.


Our private, one-on-one setting allows for the development of undivided, patient-therapist rapport and a low-stress environment to ease the psychosocial aspects surrounding chronic pain, as well as, enhance the effective application and patient-specific modification of neuromusculoskeletal interventions.








   Low Back Pain