Attention Free Falls and Balance Workshop

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Saturday, November 16th, 2019
9:30AM – 10:30AM
7710 N May Ave,
Oklahoma City, OK


  1. What causes falls and how to prevent them.
  2. How to get up if you do fall.
  3. Tips and tricks for aging in place.
  4. How to prevent using a walker or cane.

What patients are saying!

"Greatest therapy I have received over the last 2 years following 4 knee surgeries. Brice has increased my balance & strength! Great Job! Thanks to a wonderful teacher."

- Marilyn

"...With my treatment therapy from Heinen PT, I feel my walking has become stronger. I have better balance on my fet- and I’m able to walk longer distances. I am doing better with dressing myseld with limited help from others. I also have been able to get our of a chair without assistance from my family..."

- Dolores

"I enjoyed the Physical therapy very much."
"I feel so much better thank you for your service."

- Alfred B.

We have limited spots available and space will fill up fast, so register now to avoid missing out.