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Saturday, September 19th, 2020
at 10AM

In this workshop you will learn about the top 3 common causes of shoulder pain, why we don't expect you to have perfect posture all the time, what the rotator cuff is and why it's important, 6 at home exercises that you can do to keep your shoulders strong and healthy and healthy alternatives to avoid medications and surgery.

What patients are saying!

The biggest problem I had was the inability to sleep because of the shoulder pain. Now, I have no problem sleeping and have almost total shoulder movement. I can do any daily activities I want including golf.

-Patricia E.

I sustained a torn labrum from work and heard about Lauren and Brice through Twice Bitten CrossFit. Since I CrossFit, I wanted a PT who knew the moves and would be able to instruct me on proper lifting and ways to protect my shoulder after surgery. Little did I know I’d walk away with so much more. Lauren, Brice, Reine, Colby, Emma, Cori and Jacob … THANK you so much for the education, the support, the friendship and the laughs at each appointment. I can now fully work at my job with little pain (still healing) and have the confidence to complete tasks that had originally caused my injury!

-Jolynn O.

After shoulder surgery I “thought” I could continue rehab on my own. I successfully allowed my shoulder to almost freeze during the year following surgery. Brice and his team, in short order got me from 40% to over 95% mobility with no pain. The staff are very knowledgeable, professional and friendly. I highly recommend Heinen Physical Therapy.

-Jerry B.

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