Review from Melodie C.:


"I was looking for relief from pain in my upper back. Brice Heinen did exactly what I hoped: he had looked over my records before my appointment, he listened well, was careful to give me treatment that would not cause possible harm. He is friendly and kind. I enjoyed the whole visit, the pain in my back is lessened some after just the initial treatment. I hope to get more treatments soon."

Review from M. Harris:


"I was in so much pain that standing, sitting and walking hurt. I had to lean on the walls to walk or I might fall.  Lauren Heinen realigned my spine through easy movements on the treatment table and showed me how to do the movements each day to strengthen and align my spine. I can't thank Lauren enough!"

Review from Debbie P.:


"I had plantar fasciitis in my right foot.  Walking or putting pressure on it was so painful. As an avid runner and fitness junkie, I was very upset about it.  Brice manually stretched the ligaments and muscles in my foot and then performed dry needling on it. He warned me that I might be sore the next day (and I was) and instructed me to follow up with the home exercise plan. I've continued to do the exercises even though I feel 99% better. Plantar fasciitis takes a long time to heal and can come back. I will visit Brice for any physical pain I have."








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