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Welcome to Heinen Physical Therapy

We believe that all people should be able to move without restriction or pain!

Our Services

Make your body Stronger
Pilates to help strengthen your core
Dry Needling can help relieve pain and increase range of motion
Functional Training helps you to perform everyday activities
Manual Therapy to help relax, repair and recover
Functional movement screening to evaluate movement patterns and asymmetries

Welcome to Heinen Physical Therapy!

Client Testimonials

Take a look at what some of our customers have said about us!

Debbie B Pic (1)

Debbie had a leg injury that a Doctor said would require surgery to correct. Through Physical Therapy with Heinan Physical Therapy, within 3 months she was able to move pain free and return to CrossFit.


Dee was experiencing numbness above her left knee. Dr. Brice was able to determine that the numbness was actually a back issue. Within a few visits she was completely pain and no longer experienced any numbness.


 Sonya had been doing crossfit for a long time and was struggling with going overhead due to a previous injury from a car wreck. Over a short period of time with Physical therapy, she is now able to move freely without restriction!

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