Due to COVID-19 situation, Heinen Physical Therapy is offering Video-based Physical Therapy.

Telehealth Appointments

Not sure Telehealth is right for you? Ask about our free 15-minute Discovery sessions! You'll learn:

  • The exact suspected cause of your pain.
  • What successful treatment looks like.
  • How you can get back to normal naturally...without unnecessary medications, injections, or surgery.
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See Results With Video Physical Therapy!

Save Time
Spend less time getting there and more time getting better.
Track Your Healing
Your Physical Therapist is available between visits to help track your progress.
Get Ongoing Feedback
Receive helpful feedback about your home exercises from your Physical Therapist.
  • Schedule An Appointment
    Click on the link and follow the instruction to set up your appointment with a Doctor of Physical Therapy
  • Check Your Email
    You will receive a log in link on your email and also as a text message. Log in 5 minutes before your appointment time.
  • Get Personalized Care
    Your Physical Therapist will meet you via a video call, take a history of your condition, perform the necessary test to diagnose your problem and start your treatment to get you to start feeling better right away.
  • 30-minute
  • Reimbursable by most insurance companies
  • Easy access to receipts for reimbursement
World Class Doctors of Physical Therapy with Advanced Training in Treating Orthopedic Conditions.

FAQ for Telehealth

What is Telerehab? Virtual Care:

This option is super simple. We use an advanced Telehealth technology to connect with you in real time and diagnose your condition. Mobile capabilities will make your session private and convenient. Telehealth is the ability for Physical Therapists to consult with a patient via a video phone call and other video conferencing softwares. We are able to set up a time, meet with you virtually online to determine the root cause of your problem, discuss your symptoms/condition, and help you develop an effective plan of action that will allow you to treat the condition and resolve that root cause without necessarily having to go to the clinic.
Call 405-256-8699 to Book a Free 15 minute Phone/Video Call Consult with our Doctors of Physical Therapy or click on this link https://heinenpt.janeapp.com/

Why Telehealth?

  • Social distancing due to COVID-19 (Coronavirus)
  • No hassle scheduling
  • If unable to drive or get a ride
  • Get treated from the convenience of your home
  • Hours of the clinic or provider does not matches to your work/life schedule
  • Use of advanced technology to offer a solution without waiting and preventing things from getting worse
  • Better access to health care

What if I need hands-on or in-person care?

This is where having a lacrosse ball, foam roller, exercise ball, theraband, or any other home exercise equipment can become very useful. Various household objects that are similar work also! It can be quite effective and there are certain mobilizations/hands-on techniques that can be done as well. Different stretches will be used to get into a specific range of motions that are limited as well. If you have a family member who can help you with your treatment, then we can often teach them a few techniques to perform on you to aid in your rehabilitation. There are a lot of innovative ways, things can be modified to help individuals in their respective cases. The magic of Physical Therapy is learning to help yourself and being self-reliant.

What will happen in your typical session?

  • Live Video Call with a Doctor of Physical Therapy who will assess your condition.
  • A customized treatment plan is created for you after the assessment by your PT, who will then monitor you in real-time while you are performing your treatment.
  • Easy and convenient booking (typically able to see within 24 hours of booking the appointment)

How long will our session be?

If needed, A Telehealth First Discovery consultation will be approximately 15 minutes where we find out if this is the right platform for you.

Initial Assessment is 45 minutes

All subsequent re-assessment and treatment sessions are 30-45 minutes. It is recommended that you log in 5 minutes prior to your session and submit your paperwork ahead of time to make the most of your time!

What are the costs?

Many Sessions are covered by insurance-our out of pocket rates are bellow (Health Savings Accounts are Accepted!):

  • 15-minute Discovery Visit Consultation: FREE
  • Initial Assessment Session 45 minutes : $90
  • ReAssessment and Subsequent treatment sessions : $70

Is your fee covered by insurance?

Virtual Physical Therapy is covered by most health care plans. Typically, health plans cover all or a portion of the cost for such service. We can find that info for you if you wish by checking with your insurance company.

Update : March 30th, 2020: Here are the names of some insurance companies that have agreed to cover the Virtual Physical Therapy costs :

  • Health Choice (same as in clinic benefits until 6-30-2020)
  • United (same as in clinic benefits until 6-30-2020)
  • Blue Cross (Currently contemplating each case as per COVID 19 situation)
  • Other Insurance providers? (Call our clinic on (405) 256-8699 to find out about your insurance provider’s policy)

Do I need a doctor's referral to see you?

No, a doctor’s referral is not necessary to see a Physical Therapist for 30 Days in Oklahoma. However, a small number of health insurance providers may ask you for a doctor’s referral to get reimbursed. Please enquire with your health insurance provider to be sure. If you are unsure, our admin team can find that info for you if you wish to confirm.

What do I need to do before my appointment?

To optimize your time with us, I recommend that you complete the intake paperwork online prior to your appointment. A link to access the paperwork will be emailed to you upon scheduling your appointment.

What is your Cancellation Policy?

We ask that you give at least 48 hours notice when cancelling an appointment. This will allow me to fill your spot with patients that are on the waiting list. A cancellation fee may apply if we are not given 48 hours notice.

What if I am unsure if this is the right platform for me?

If you are not sure if we can help you, please click the button below and complete the request form below so our Physical Therapist can meet you for the Free 15-minute Discovery visit where we can go over:

  • The exact suspected cause of your pain.
  • What successful treatment looks like.
  • If you can get back to normal naturally...without unnecessary medications, injections or surgery.

What can be done in a typical Telerehab visit?

  • Take a complete history to provide an accurate diagnosis
  • Examine range of motion and movements
  • Perform a functional movement examination
  • Evaluate strength
  • Prescribe exercises and stretches – with supporting photos/videos
  • Correct exercise form and provide cues to perform them more effectively
  • Provide and refine self joint mobilization techniques (self-hands on therapy)
  • Provide and refine self directed soft tissue treatment techniques
  • Provide a full rehab plan to follow in your own environment
  • Educate patients on their injury or condition
  • Help train another person to assist you with exercises or stretches

What Types of Physical Therapy are Provided with Video Consults?

We provide virtual/video consultations to all of our patients including people with musculoskeletal (orthopedic) and neurological conditions.

What do I Need for my Virtual Physical Therapy Session?

  • Laptop or Desktop running MacOS or Windows operating systems, or an Android mobile device
  • Google Chrome or Firefox browsers
  • Internet (15MB) access, microphone, speakers, and video.
  • We are working on adding iOS mobile phone/iPad devices!

How do I Prepare For My Virtual Physical Therapy Session?

Set your device up so that you can do a face-to-face interview and you can move away to show your full body. Change into loose fitting clothing (like you would wear to a gym) so that you can move freely. It is recommended that you log on 5 minutes prior to your session and submit your paperwork ahead of time.

If you have any questions prior to your appointment, give us a call, we are more than happy to help.

How do I get started?

Click on this link to get started : Telehealth Initial Evaluation